Getting Ready…

The “dog days” of summer are here, Wisconsin State Fair has started and school supplies are readily available everywhere. It’s true, summer will be over soon and the excitement and anticipation of a new school year will begin. I am always excited (and a bit anxious, I’ll admit) when I pour over the names on our class lists. I wonder who our new students are, what will they like to play with at school, what are their parents like, what adventures, laughs and tears will the new year bring? Perhaps I speak for all of us at CCNS when I say there is nothing quite like the excitement of the staff reconvening at the end of August to plan our school year, set up our classrooms anew and talk about what we hope the upcoming year will be like. We love our summer break but we really love getting back into the swing of things too! Summer is a time for us teachers to charge our batteries a bit, learn new things about Early Childhood Education and bring fresh and exciting ideas to the table. The teachers here never disappoint me with their enthusiasm for what they do. I am truly blessed to work with such a great group of ladies!

For our new families that will be joining us this year, welcome!  We are so honored to have you along for the amazing journey of a new school year! We are also looking forward to the many students who will be returning to us for another year. I am always amazed how the summer warmth and sunshine causes these kids to grow and develop by leaps and bounds from one school year to the next. See you soon!

Dana Biasi

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