Come play and grow at Curiosity Corner Nursery School!

Block play

To qualify for enrollment, a child must be 3 years old by December 1st of the school year AND completed toilet learning, is able to cooperate with and understand simple directions, expresses simple needs, and has the ability to function in a way which is not destructive to her/himself, or to others.

Students may be enrolled for two or three sessions per week.

Two Sessions Per Week:  ($1575/ 2023-24 school year)
Monday & Wednesday 9am-11:30am*
Tuesday & Thursday 9am-11:30am*

Three Sessions Per Week: ($2310 / 2023-24 school year) 
Any of the above class times plus Friday 9am- 11:30am.*

*Class times subject to change due to COVID-19 protocols.

In the event that the Friday morning class session does not reach full enrollment, the extra spaces will be available for children already enrolled on a drop-in basis of $30 per session and needs to be reserved prior to Friday.

To apply for enrollment, please submit a $100 non-refundable deposit and the application form. The deposit will be cashed upon receipt and applied to tuition. Any questions or to schedule a tour, contact Dana Biasi at 414-774-5005 x 108 or email at admin@ccnstosa.com.