Play in nursery school means children working at their own pace in an environment that is challenging yet developmentally appropriate to their needs as individual learners. We incorporate the principles of Montessori and Reggio Emilia in our classrooms in the way that children are in charge of their own learning through discovery and exploration.

CCNS classrooms are arranged to inspire exploration and discovery, either by themselves or in a group. Upon close observation, you may discover the beginnings of cooperation, conflict resolution, and peacemaking skills as well as the beginnings of science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies as integral parts of the child’s activity. We like to call the classroom environment “purposeful play.”

We observe that children go through expected developmental stages but not always at the same age or time. Our curriculum is accommodating to all children as the teachers can customize lesson plans to meet the needs of the class as a whole, down to the individual needs of the child.

We offer opportunities for the children to develop Large Motor skills through outdoor nature exploration and indoor area where children can ride trikes, kick a ball, walk a balance beam and play basketball.